AudioBook Narrators

Wondering how to distribute the promo codes given to you by ACX? We can help.

Self-distribution of Codes

Giving away the promotional codes provided by ACX is an effective way to increase awareness of your audiobook and to promote organic sales. There are sites out there that will help with this, but sometimes you just want a place where you can direct listeners/reviewers to your books only, where you don't have to compete for page space with dozens of other titles.

That's where we can help.

For just $8, we'll set up an automatic code distribution box that you can embed into the html pages on your website. This way, you can direct listeners to your codes, on your website. Here's a sample of how it will look on your site:

When you run out of codes, listeners will no longer be able to input their email address. (see image below) If you need to replenish codes, simply email us, and we'll get you fixed up. No extra payments! Your one-time payment of $8 covers all your codes, both U.S. and U.K.

How it Works for the listener

Listeners input the their email address to request a code. The code is automatically emailed to them along with redemption instructions. If no codes are available, the page will be marked as such.

Let's Get Started

Use the order form below. Once we've set up your code box, we'll email you the html code so you can embed the box onto your site. . .yes, this will even work in a Wordpress post. You simply need to paste the code we provide in "source" view on your post, and then save the post.